5 Easy Tips For Cooking Asparagus

Cooking asparagus tips are always fun to do with family and friends. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, take a look at some of the common mistakes that many new home cooks make when cooking asparagus.

Most people’s recipes begin with steaming or boiling the asparagus. This is usually what a person usually starts with. However, the real secrets to making delicious cooked asparagus are in finding the right cooking medium.

Cooking asparagus with fat causes it to be limp and dry. Fat prevents the asparagus from getting enough water to work with. Cook the asparagus on the lowest heat setting possible, no matter what you are using as the medium.

Cooking Asparagus Tips

There are other cooking asparagus tips that you should use when cooking. There is so much to learn when it comes to cooking asparagus. Find out how to steam or boil the asparagus, and then serve it with salt and pepper and with your favorite sauce.

Tips For Cooking Asparagus
Tips For Cooking Asparagus

It include removing the stalks first. Allowing the stalks to sit overnight gives the asparagus more time to stay tender. Steaming does not cook the stalks and most will end up falling apart when they are done.

Another asparagus tip is to not cut the stalks off until they are about an inch long. Asparagus does not like water when it comes to its root system. The stalks have no water and will only stay where they are.

Steaming The Stalks

Stalks that are left whole are harder to prepare than cut stalks. The best tips to follow are boiling or steaming the stalks first and then cutting them. Because asparagus has an inner stalk, once it is cooked it will not fall apart and will retain its shape.

When it comes to cooking asparagus tips, the best tips are to let it sit as long as possible after being picked. It will continue to absorb moisture as it sits. It will also work its way through the system and retain all of the water.

Tips For Cooking Asparagus
Tips For Cooking Asparagus

Another cooking asparagus tips involves removing the stems. Stems should be left in the stems until they are well dried out and the entire stalks have all been used. Stems can be cut before they are all dried out and it will keep the roots from going bad.


One asparagus tips to help keep stems from dying is to use them as mulch around the base of the stalks. Mulch keeps weeds from growing under the stalks. The next cooking asparagus tips will work better when you use mulch around the base of the stalks.

The next tip to get with regards to stalks is to not let them sit in water for very long. This is where the stalks are dried out and softened by steaming or boiling. Using the stalks as mulch will keep them from being damaged by weeds.

Following these steps when cooking asparagus tips can make cooking asparagus easier and delicious. Make sure that you use common sense when cooking asparagus, but enjoy the fact that this vegetable can be fun to cook.

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