Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables

Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables

There is no second thought to the fact that vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. But do you all know what all vegetables stand first on the list? Here is a brief discussion that will help you identify which vegetables stand out from the rest. Do you want to reduce the risk of diseases? Do you want to raise the immunity levels of your kids? The answer to all such questions is ‘Healthy Vegetables. Healthy vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and have fewer calories in it. It’s high time to encourage your kids to have more healthy vegetables, as it has additional proven health benefits. Here is the list of some Healthy Vegetables that you should include in your diet to be fit and active. 

Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables
Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables

Spinach: Healthy Vegetables

Spinach is one of the healthy vegetables that are full of nutrients. Do you want to add Vitamin A and Vitamin K in your diet? Add thirty grams of spinach; its impressive nutrient profile will help you cope up with your vitamin A and vitamin K deficiency. Spinach being antioxidants helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and lowers the blood pressure level. 

Broccoli: Healthy Vegetables

Broccoli is a part of the cruciferous vegetable family. It is a sulfur-rich plant; you generally eat in a salad. Many of you do not know that this sulfur-rich plant helps in controlling cancer, and also reduce the size of breast cancer cells in ladies. Adding broccoli in your diet prevents you from other chronic diseases as it is rich in nutrients.


Carrot is rich in vitamin A. It is another healthy vegetable that you can add in your salad that is full of vitamin K and potassium. You can reduce the risk of cancer by having carrots daily. Males should add carrot in their diet as well, as it reduces the risk of prostate cancer in them. It’s antioxidant quality also prevent the risk of lung cancer.

Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables
Go Green Go Fit! With The List Of Healthy Vegetables

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are just like broccoli, have antioxidants that prevent damage to cells. It has such enzymes that control detoxification. It is another health-promoting plant that you can include in your diet. 


Another in the list is Asparagus, which is rich in several vitamins and minerals. It will complete your all folate needs. Adding Asparagus in your diet can prevent you from many diseases and is also beneficial for the liver by supporting its metabolic functions. 


Potatoes are another healthy vegetable that is commonly used throughout the world. We generally add potatoes in every dish. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and fiber that keeps you energetic. Kids love this edible plant. Combining all these vegetables in your food can keep you fit and active. Stop eating junk food and start taking your health seriously. Keep a note on daily vitamins and minerals you are taking in every day. Doing this will encourage your kids to follow the same routine. 

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